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I liked it. But i don't understand a word of what T2xx was supposed to say about this. But i hope this'll become a series :D

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I liked it. It was actually quite great

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Hell yeah!

I loved it! Much better than robocop! You should really make this into a series, cause i would absolutely watch every episode. good work!

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Good game

I like the game a lot, but i hated that i usually died after a few fights and that i had to start all over again

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i Think this was really great. The best fighting game on ng that i have tried. i have tried to beat it for a half year, and tried it like 10 times, and today i finally managed to beat it \o/ you guys should think about making a final fantasy-like rpg fighting game like this one, with lots of nice extra things

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Hey Gore. Really like your music. It's really hard and chunky. awesome riffs. Like it how you combine the really slow and the really fast in this song.

Don't know if you remember me, but I have had a long vacation from my guitar, and i'm thinking about starting up again. Maybe you'll see some new songs from me

btw, how do you get so nice and chunky riffs?

GoreBastard responds:

WOW! Hey, that's crazy that you've just reviewed this. Seriously, I was just thinking about e-mailing you and asking where you've been and why we aint heared anything from you! WOW, that's crazy man! That's weird man, really weird!!!

Anyway, I use a line 6 guitar port, which has tons of amp models and effects built in. It's a cool piece of hardware, and isn't toooo expensive. It plugs directly into the PC so you can record straight into your recording program. If you want to get a really heavy sound, then the best way to do it is to record a couple of guitar tracks which are playing the same thing for example:

Track 1: Drums
Track 2: Heavy Guitar Riff 1
Track 3: Heavy Guitar Riff 1
Track 4: Lead Guitar Riff 1
Track 5: Lead Guitar Riff 1

Then, if you make it so that 1 riff is playing more on the left speaker, and the duplicate riff is playing more on the right speaker, it sounds really cool!

Don't hesitate to e-mail me man! It should be me e-mailing you for guitar tips though!

Cheers for the cool review, and welcome back!

I still can't believe that you reviewed this just as I was thinking about e-mailing you!!!


That was great. You should go to www.adagio-online.com and listen to Prophecies of loki by adagio (if you haven't already heard them). This could possibly be one of the best songs i have heard in my life with some great guitar backings and some wild guitar solo, and of course 2-3 minutes longer. Some symphonical backing would be great too. This is the kind of music i would like to make

GoreBastard responds:

WOW! Thanks mate, this is before I got my guitar port, and the guitar in this is actually a MIDI guitar. I do have the full version of this tune, but my MIDI converter only let me convert 1 minute of it. I'll e-mail you the full version if you like?
If you want to make music like this go to AnvilStudio.com and download anvil studio. It's a simple MIDI maker.
Thanks for reviewing this!


Hello there! I noticed you liked a lot of my songs, so i thought i would listen to your songs too, and i must say; i like them a lot! As you may have noticed, the sound quality of my songs are a bit ragged, and i was wondering if you did anything special to get your sound?
And i do think your songs are quite original. And i dig your riffs. I like your sound and your way of playing them. Rock on \m/

GoreBastard responds:

Wow thanks mate, yeah your stuff is awesome.
What I use for my guitar is a Line 6 Guitar Port, which is a piece of hardware for your PC. The guitar plugs in one end and the other is connected to the computer. Then I use Cubase to revord from the Guitar Port program, and Acoustica Beatcraft for the drums. When combined you get GoreBastard!!!
Thanks for the review!

Hello. I like cheese. And I usually make guitar instrumentals. If you love me, I love you. If you want, you could contact me at mail on hmv13@hotmail.com or add me on msn.

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